Archivos del mes: 26 septiembre 2020

¿Cómo te hablas a ti mismo?

Este mes de septiembre que está llegando a su fin hablé, en mi columna de Letras Libres, del lenguaje interno con el que nos hablamos a nosotros mismos. Espero que os resulte interesante.

Figurative Language: Advances and new research perspectives

Call for submission of articles

Studies in Psychology is pleased to open the call for articles for a special issue entitled “Figurative Language: Advances and new research perspectives”. The papers should be relevant to the following themes:

  • Research articles referring to:
    • Impairments in the understanding and/or production of different kinds of figurative uses in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD, SLI, etc.), and/or acquired neurological disorders (aphasias, dementias, etc.).
    • New advances in the development of figurative competence and/or of a particular figurative use of language (metaphors, idioms, ironies, etc.). Studies using linguistic corpora with one or several kinds of figurative statements.
    • Educational or clinical applications of proposals, programmes or strategies to improve skills in the processing of different figurative uses, aimed at populations with pragmatic difficulties.
  • Review articles about the place of metaphor (and/or other figurative uses, such as metonymy or hyperbole) in different thematic fields (e.g., metaphor and philosophy, metaphor and education, metaphor and music, metaphor and art, metaphor and body, metaphor and law, metaphor and politics, metaphor and artificial intelligence, metaphor and emotion, etc.).
  • Theoretical discussion articles on the validity, scope and limitations of cutting-edge theoretical models on the processing of one or several figurative uses, and/or on their impact on the development of cognitive sciences in general.

Studies in Psychology is an international journal aimed at researchers and doctoral students in psychology and related disciplines, as well as psychologists from both academic and applied fields. The journal is published every four months and its articles are published in both Spanish and English.

Instructions for authors and for submitting manuscripts can be found on the journal’s website:

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The deadline for submitting articles is 31st October 2020.

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